Dying to Know You: The Importance of Relationship in Mystery

Writer Glen Writer Ebisch spoke about the importance of relationships in a mystery novel at the May 17th meeting of the Upper Hudson Chapter of SinC. The Mavens thank Glen for giving us a lot of great ideas to think about, including how having one changing relationship can add dynamism to a book. We wish him well on his new book, The Blank Canvas (Five Star, April 2014).


On the Docket: Adding Roman to Your Mystery

Glen EbischOn Saturday, May 17, 2014, 11:00 am, Glen Ebisch, member of Capital Region Chapter of Romance Writers of America, will talk about combining romance and mystery. The author of over fifteen mysteries and romance novels for adults and young adults, Glen has been writing mysteries for over twenty-five years. His early mysteries were twelve to fifteen-years-olds, the Lou Dunlop series being particularly popular. Over the past ten years, he has focused on mysteries for adults, featuring strong heroines solving mysteries while dealing with the normal problems of life today. The Marcie and Amanda series adds a bit of the paranormal to the mystery mix, while another mystery series features Laura Magee as the advice columnist Auntie Mabel. The third book in this series, The Blank Canvas, came out from Five Star this spring. In this story Laura takes a break from being Auntie Mabel and gets a job in an art gallery on the New Jersey shore. She’s looking for a rest, but murder follows her, as the world of art proves to be as dangerous as being an advice columnist. Visit Glen on his website or friend him on facebook.