Oct 15: Terry Shames

Terry Shames grew up in Texas and has abiding affection for the small town where her grandparents lived, the model for the fictional town of Jarrett Creek. A resident of Los Angeles, California, Terry lives with her husband and a bossy Norwich Terrier. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and on the boardContinue reading "Oct 15: Terry Shames"

Jan 21, 2023: Jessika Hazelton (Troy Book Makers) and Self Publishing

Jessika Hazelton (manager/author liaison/graphic designer) has been described as “only peaceful when she reads.” A lifelong lover of books and reading (and cats, though that’s not strictly pertinent), she received her BFA in writing and publishing from Emerson College. She hoped to someday find a job at least sort of book related; instead, she hit theContinue reading "Jan 21, 2023: Jessika Hazelton (Troy Book Makers) and Self Publishing"