Weather Cancellation

Alas, per the email from our president Eleanor, the holiday party has been cancelled.

Reluctantly I am canceling the meeting tomorrow. I kept hoping the projected storm would not materialize but the forecasts have become, if possible, even worse. I suspect the library itself will be closed.
Stay safe everyone.

December 17 – Monthly Meeting

Holiday Party – December 17 10:30 am – Featuring Murder!

Join the fun!  A Murder Mystery will take place in our midst with a cast of characters from among the party goers.  Who dun it?    Was it the butler or the long lost heir?  You follow the clues and expose the murderer.

All are welcome, spouses and friends, to share in holiday food and drink.

The business meeting will take place at 10:30 with the party to follow at 11:00.  See you there at the Bethlehem Library.  Happy Holidays!