July Mavens of Mayhem Meeting


Hi all,

A reminder that our next Mavens of Mayhem/ Upper Hudson SinC meeting is this Saturday, July 20th at 10:30 am at the Bethlehem Public Library (451 Delaware Ave, Delmar). The library opens at 10:00 and I will try to have the door to the Community Room open by 10:15.
Our program this month is The Albany Paranormal Research Society. They will present the equipment and techniques they use in their investigations as well as the results of some cases.
We’ll have our business meeting immediately after and we have some exciting things to discuss, including the possibility of a joint event with the Book House on the Wednesday before Bouchercon as well as our new logo design.
The writing prompt for this month is:

According to the rumors, an old woman lives in the abandoned church down the road. They say she’s a witch, but you’d like to see for yourself. That why, on this bright and sunny day, you’ve decided to venture into the cool, damp building with a flashlight.

What happens?

If you choose to participate, write a brief scene/story (500-750 words max.) and be prepared to read it at the meeting.
Welcome to two new members: Carol Derfner and Tom Martin. I’ve attached an updated membership list that includes their contact information.
Also attached are the minutes from the June meeting and the sample of our new logo.
See you on Saturday!

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