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facebook-logoThe Mavens of Mayhem are now on Facebook! Join our page, like it and share your news and suggestions. If you’re not yet dipping  a toe into social media, you may want to know what Facebook is about: according to their mission statement, “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” A few years back, Michael Hirschorn wrote in The Atlantic that

At the moment, Facebook is the site that, in my experience, comes closest to fulfilling the promise of social media. In so doing, it raises some bigger questions about how we’re going to be using the Web in the future and whether some of the received wisdom about the Internet—that we’re headed inexorably toward a digital universe of chaotic, endlessly shifting interactivity—is true.

The catchall term social media encompasses Web applications that allow individuals to create their own pages—filled with postings, photos, video, and portable applications generally called “widgets”—and interact with other users. The theory is that these networks will create a virtual environment in which like-minded people can find one another.

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